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Astrology Chart Print Gifts for Astrology Buffs

Update: November 18, 2023
Publish Date: November 15, 2023

Astrology buffs often appreciate gifts that resonate with their interest in the cosmos and personal zodiac signs. Here’s a curated list of astrology chart print gifts that cater to various tastes and preferences.


1. Personalized Zodiac Constellation Print

Gift Idea: Custom Star Map from The Night Sky

This personalized print features the exact alignment of stars and constellations based on a specific date and location. Ideal for commemorating a special occasion or a birth date, it adds a personal touch to astrology gifts.


2. Vintage Astrology Chart Print

Gift Idea: Antique Zodiac Map Reproduction from Vintage Vectors

For those who love a touch of history and classic design, a vintage-style astrology chart print can be a unique addition to their collection. These prints often feature traditional astrological symbols and constellations in an antique art style.


3. Modern Astrology Art Print

Gift Idea: Contemporary Zodiac Art from Society6

For the modern art lover, consider a contemporary astrology print from artists on Society6. These prints offer a fresh, artistic take on zodiac signs, blending modern art with astrological themes.


4. Birth Chart Analysis Print

Gift Idea: Custom Birth Chart Report from Astrolabe

A detailed printout of a birth chart analysis offers a deep dive into one’s astrological makeup. It’s not just a print but also a comprehensive guide to understanding personal astrological aspects.


5. Astrological Wheel Print

Gift Idea: Zodiac Wheel Art from Etsy

The astrological wheel is a classic symbol in astrology. Prints featuring this design can range from minimalist to intricate, offering a stylish way to display astrological interest.


6. Moon Phase Print

Gift Idea: Personalized Moon Phase Poster from Moon & Back

Celebrate a special date by showcasing the moon phase from that night. This is a subtle yet meaningful way to connect a gift with astrology.


7. Custom Astrology Chart Canvas

Gift Idea: Printed Canvas Astrology Chart from CanvasPop

A custom-printed canvas featuring an astrology chart offers a more durable and upscale option. It’s a stylish way to display astrological details in a home or office.


8. Interactive Astrology Wheel

Gift Idea: Rotating Zodiac Wheel from Uncommon Goods

For a more interactive gift, consider a rotating astrology wheel. This allows the recipient to explore different zodiac signs and their characteristics in a fun, engaging way.


9. Astrology Quote Print

Gift Idea: Inspirational Zodiac Quote Poster from Redbubble

Choose a print featuring a quote or saying that resonates with the recipient’s zodiac sign. This can be a motivational or humorous addition to their space.


10. Astrological Event Calendar

Gift Idea: Astrological Phenomena Calendar from Astrocal

An astrology-themed calendar marking significant celestial events throughout the year can be both useful and insightful for an astrology enthusiast.



These astrology chart print gifts offer a variety of options to cater to the unique tastes of astrology buffs. From personalized star maps to vintage charts and modern art prints, there’s something special for every astrology lover. Each gift not only reflects their interest in the cosmos but also adds a personal and thoughtful touch to their space.

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