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Creating the Perfect Beach Gift Basket: 20 Items for Your Bag

Update: May 15, 2024
Publish Date: May 15, 2024

There’s something magical about beach-themed gifts—they bring to mind sun-soaked days, the sound of waves crashing, and the feel of sand between your toes. Whether you’re gifting to a beach lover or preparing for a seaside getaway, a beach-themed gift basket is the perfect way to capture that summer vibe. Here’s your ultimate guide to creating a basket filled with 20 must-have items that will delight anyone who loves the beach.


1. Beach Towels

A good beach towel is essential for any beach day. Opt for vibrant, oversized towels that not only offer comfort but also make a statement on the sand. Look for designs that are colorful, playful, and absorbent.


2. Sunscreen

Sun protection is a must, making sunscreen a vital addition to your gift basket. Choose a high SPF formula that’s gentle on the skin. Brands that offer reef-safe options are a bonus, ensuring your gift is eco-friendly too.


3. Sunglasses

Protecting the eyes from UV rays is just as important as protecting the skin. Include a pair of stylish, UV-protected sunglasses. Look for options that are both trendy and functional, ensuring they suit various face shapes and styles.


4. Flip Flops

No beach outfit is complete without a pair of comfortable flip flops. Choose durable brands that offer both comfort and style. Consider options with cushioned soles and vibrant colors to keep the beach vibes alive.


5. Beach Hat

A wide-brimmed beach hat is perfect for keeping the sun off your face. Choose a stylish and protective hat that can be easily packed and worn with different outfits. Straw hats are particularly popular for their beachy look.


6. Beach Bag

A spacious, durable beach bag is a must for carrying all the essentials. Look for bags with multiple pockets and waterproof linings. Stylish tote bags or backpacks that are easy to clean and carry make great choices.


7. Insulated Water Bottle

Staying hydrated at the beach is crucial. An insulated water bottle keeps drinks cold for hours, making it a perfect addition to your basket. Choose bottles that are durable, leak-proof, and available in fun, beach-themed designs.


8. Beach Blanket

A sand-resistant beach blanket provides comfort while lounging by the sea. Look for quick-dry materials and blankets that are easy to fold and carry. Bright, cheerful patterns add to the beach experience.


9. Waterproof Phone Case

Protecting electronics from water and sand is essential. A waterproof phone case ensures that phones stay safe while still being functional. Choose cases that are easy to use and fit a variety of phone models.


10. Snorkeling Gear

For those who love underwater adventures, snorkeling gear is a fantastic gift. Opt for beginner-friendly sets that include masks, snorkels, and fins. Ensure the gear is comfortable and easy to adjust for a perfect fit.


11. Beach Snacks

Ready-to-eat snacks are perfect for a day at the beach. Include healthy and portable options like granola bars, dried fruit, and nuts. Choose snacks that are easy to pack and won’t melt in the sun.


12. Beach Umbrella

A beach umbrella provides much-needed shade on hot days. Look for umbrellas that are sturdy, easy to set up, and offer UV protection. Compact and lightweight designs are ideal for easy transport.


13. Waterproof Speaker

Music adds to the fun of a beach day. A waterproof speaker ensures that the tunes keep playing without the risk of water damage. Choose speakers that are portable, durable, and have a long battery life.


14. Beach Toys

Beach toys are not just for kids—they’re fun for all ages. Include items like beach balls, frisbees, and sandcastle building kits. Choose toys that are durable and easy to clean.


15. Aloe Vera Gel

After a day in the sun, aloe vera gel provides soothing relief for sunburns. Opt for organic, natural gels that are gentle on the skin and provide effective cooling and healing.


16. Beach Reading Material

There’s nothing like a good book or magazine while lounging by the sea. Include popular beach reads, novels, or travel magazines. Choose lightweight, portable options that are easy to carry.


17. Travel Games

Travel games provide entertainment during downtime. Compact and portable games like cards, travel-sized board games, and puzzles are perfect for beach days. Look for options that are easy to pack and play.


18. Beach Cover-Up

A stylish cover-up is perfect for transitioning from the beach to other activities. Choose light, breathable fabrics and trendy designs that can be easily slipped on over swimwear.


19. Reusable Straws

Eco-friendly gifts like reusable straws are thoughtful additions to your basket. Look for durable, portable straws made from stainless steel or silicone. Include a cleaning brush and carrying case for convenience.


20. Hand Sanitizer

Keeping hands clean is important, especially when eating at the beach. Include a skin-friendly hand sanitizer that’s easy to carry. Opt for sanitizers with pleasant scents and moisturizing properties.



Creating the perfect beach-themed gift basket is all about choosing items that enhance the beach experience. From practical essentials like sunscreen and water bottles to fun additions like beach toys and travel games, these 20 gifts are sure to bring joy and excitement to any beach lover. Customize your basket based on the recipient’s preferences, and don’t forget to add your personal touch. Happy gifting, and enjoy the beach vibes!

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