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Best Gifts for Magicians in 2022

Update: November 18, 2023
Publish Date: October 13, 2022

According to our research, you can purchase hundreds of gifts online for magicians. With so many options, choosing the perfect gift can be confusing. For that reason, we’ve decided to help you easily choose which gift is perfect for your fellow magician.

Here are the best gifts for magicians that we chose for you:

A handmade magician coffee mug

A coffee mug is used as a gift on many occasions and is also a perfect gift for a magician. It is a gift made to last, and if it is engraved with a special saying, it will certainly be memorable. Besides, your fellow magician might get to enjoy their morning coffee with it each day.

BackyardPeaks are great coffee mug makers, engraving high-quality gloss ceramic mugs with all kinds of sayings and illustrations. Their coffee mugs are printed on both sides and will ensure that everyone gets the printed message.

You can purchase a magician coffee mug from Etsy.

An engraved zippo-like lighter

Is your fellow magician a cigar smoker? If so, then you can consider gifting them a specially engraved lighter.

You can choose from many engraved lighters for magicians, but we’ve liked the ones made by TheTripCustoms. The attention to detail that they put into their engravings is eye-catching. Besides having prefabricated ones, you can also provide your own illustration for them to engrave onto a lighter.

This is truly a personalized gift that your fellow magician will certainly be surprised by, especially if the lighter is handmade and with dedication. 

Feel free to check the engraved lighter we chose for you on Etsy.

The Pro Carrier – A convenient deck cardholder

If the magician you’re thinking of purchasing a gift for is a specialist in card magic tricks, then a great idea would be to give them something to store and carry their deck of cards in.

An ideal choice for this would be the Pro Carrier, a high-quality leather bag for carrying up to two decks of cards. It has a built-in clip and can be easily attached to a belt of any size. 

Besides the decks of cards, the Pro Carrier can also accommodate business cards and money, making it an ideal wallet for a magician.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Pro Carrier, please visit Vanishing Inc.

A personalized tie clip with a special engraving

An engraved tie clip would be a perfect gift for a gentleman magician who always wants to look elegant and tidy. 

Even though tie clips are small, they symbolize character and determination. They also represent membership or commitment to something, which in this case would be the magicians’ dedication to magic.

An engraved tie clip sends an even stronger message, and the tie clip we chose for you at Etsy would be a great purchase choice. You can ask the maker to add your own custom, dedicated message, which can be up to 30 characters long.

The magician tarot card poster

A magician who loves and uses tarot cards will also love this gift. A tarot poster with the magician illustration will signify the life and dedication of a magician to their profession. It is a gift for more spiritual magicians since it symbolizes the connection between the material and the spiritual. 

Printagrams, the makers of this poster, also have many different tarot poster illustrations and varieties for you to choose from, and they come with or without a frame. A gift like this will certainly have a special and memorable place in your fellow magician’s home.

You can purchase the Magician tarot card poster from Etsy.

A 14K gold engraved necklace

An engraved necklace made from 14K gold is a special and expensive gift for the magician who is a very important part of your life. Such a gift will practically last forever and be passed on to future generations.

There are multiple engraving options that you can choose from, and most of them represent tarot card illustrations. There are multiple dimensions to choose from as well. You can also have the back of the necklace engraved with some dedication to the magician, like a saying or a special date. The necklace is also packed in a unique box, making it an ideal gift.

You can find out more about the 14K gold necklace on Etsy.

A magician’s leather journal

The last gift idea we chose for this article is also a unique and more expensive one. In our opinion, it is one of the best gifts for magicians that you can purchase. It is a personalized gift for a magician who is also a lover of books and journals, as they will find it aesthetically pleasing and useful. 

GOLDleather, a leather accessories manufacturer, makes the leather journal we chose for you. They make high-quality leather products of all kinds, and you can also find their online store on Etsy.

The entirely handmade magician leather journal is a perfect, long-lasting gift that will amaze your fellow magician.


We hope that you will find one or multiple of these gift ideas interesting and appealing and that you will uniquely surprise your fellow magician. We’ve picked most of them from Etsy because they offer many items that have turned out to be the best gifts for magicians.

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