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Emotional Support Fries

These cuddly carb-loaded companions are here to ease your stress, no ketchup necessary.

Feeling salty? These Friendly Fries don’t mind, they’ll let you vent without turning into a soggy mess. And if your loved ones need a side of comfort with their main course of life, why not gift them their own Emotional Support Fries? They’re the perfect way to say, “I love you” without adding any extra calories.

This delightful dish comes with five removable fries, so you can share the love with your friends or hog them all to yourself. The plush carton ensures that they’ll never get cold or stale – something that can’t be said about their greasy counterparts.

Everyone can appreciate these lovable spuds, regardless of age, because they’re just as versatile as the real deal. Brought to you by What Do You Meme?, these Emotional Support Fries Squishy are just a taste of their full collection of games, toys, and other cool stuff. So grab a carton of these supportive spuds today and let the good times (and fries) roll!

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ThxToms LED Flashlight Gloves

Ever tried fixing your bike in the dark while also trying to hold a flashlight with your teeth? Or went camping and couldn't find that sneaky marshmallow that just dropped because your hands were full and the flashlight was nowhere in sight? Say no more! The ThxToms LED Flashlight Gloves are here to save the day, night, or any other dimly lit occasion.

PELEG DESIGN Pelix Plastic Sponge and Cloth Holder

The only kitchen accessory that looks at you and says, "Hey, let me handle that wet stuff!"

Peleg Design Dustache Small Dustpan and Brush Set

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PELEG DESIGN – Gratiator Small Cheese Grater Stainless Steel Sword

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Genuine Fred Potato Chip Bag Closure Clips

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Genuine Fred Uncanny- Weenie Erasers

Next time you make a little error in your diary, journal, or on that very important grocery list, reach for your Genuine Fred Uncanny Eraser. It's an uncanny solution for life's tiny mistakes. Happy erasing!

Oriental Trading Nose Pencil Sharpeners

Get yours now and turn the tedious task of pencil-sharpening into a nostril-filled adventure.

Peleg Design Mrs. Sponge Kitchen Sponge Holder

Meet the queen of cleanliness, the duchess of dishes, the empress of... erm, sponges?

PELEG DESIGN Dip Sea Whale Dipping Dish Balsamic and Olive Oil Soy Sauce Plate Round Dipping Sauce Bowl Dipping Dish Plate

Dive into the oceanic world of delightful dips with the PELEG DESIGN Dip Sea Whale Dipping Dish!

Randimals Duck Face Horse Plush Stuffed Toy

Meet HUCK: The Duck-Faced Horse Whose Neigh Sounds a Bit...Quacky!