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Practical Gift ideas for a piano player

Update: November 29, 2023
Publish Date: August 13, 2022

If you have a musician in your life, you know that buying gifts for them can be tricky.

They are artists and often have a particular sense of style that may not be the same as yours.

Here are gifts your piano playing friend will remember forever. They are practical, and long-lasting.

You don’t need a big budget to give a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member who plays piano. These practical ideas will help you find something that’s perfect for that person.

First off, you need to know what type of player they are. Is it a professional pianist? A hobbyist? Or maybe they are just beginning and looking for their first piano. 

So, depending on their experience level, you need to choose gifts that suit them. 

 When buying a gift for someone, it’s important to think about what they already have and are looking for before purchasing. You can ask them or check out their social media for clues.

lamp for the sheets

A lamp can be used to light up the sheets and help with playing the piano at night when it is dark, and the room light is not bright enough for them to play.

This will ensure that your pianist friend is comfortable, happy, and relaxed while playing. 

Btw, a lamp for the sheets can also make a thoughtful housewarming gift.



The hands are important to a pianist, especially during winter months, so having hand warmers can help. 

A handwarmer is inexpensive and effective in warming their hands before playing a piece. 



A metronome is a useful tool that every pianist should have. It helps improve your friend’s pianistic skills by keeping time so they can play more fluently and accurately. 

They will love this gift, and it will be a great help in their musical journey. 


Piano Cover

This could be the cheaper option among the other list items. But a piano cover is a good idea to protect your friend’s piano from dust and dirt. It also protects the piano from getting damaged by the elements. 



Hopefully, this list of practical gift ideas for a piano player will make you think of something you can buy or make for your pianist friend. And remember to keep in mind that you should choose something that your friend would use.

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