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Gift Ideas for Chess Enthusiasts

Update: November 18, 2023
Publish Date: November 13, 2023

Chess enthusiasts often appreciate gifts that enhance their enjoyment of this timeless game, whether they’re beginners or seasoned players. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that cater to various aspects of a chess enthusiast’s journey, ensuring you find something that will be both useful and cherished.


1. Quality Chess Set

Gift idea: Handcrafted Wooden Chess Set

A beautifully crafted wooden chess set not only serves as a functional game piece but also as a decorative item. Look for sets made from high-quality wood with intricate details.

Where to Buy: Handcrafted Wooden Chess Set on Etsy or local artisan markets


2. Chess Strategy Books

Gift idea: “My 60 Memorable Games” by Bobby Fischer

Chess books, especially those written by grandmasters, offer deep insights into strategic play and can be very inspiring. Bobby Fischer’s “My 60 Memorable Games” is a classic choice.

Where to Buy: “My 60 Memorable Games” on Amazon or local bookstores


3. Digital Chess Clock

Gift idea: DGT North American Chess Clock

A digital chess clock is essential for those who play competitively or are interested in improving their game speed. The DGT North American Chess Clock is a reliable and user-friendly option.

Where to Buy: DGT North American Chess Clock on Chess House or other online chess equipment stores


4. Online Chess Course Subscription

Gift idea: Premium Membership

For those looking to improve their skills, a subscription to an online chess platform like offers access to tutorials, puzzles, and games against players worldwide.

Where to Buy: Premium Membership on


5. Portable Travel Chess Set

Gift idea: Magnetic Travel Chess Set

A portable chess set, particularly one with magnetic pieces, is perfect for the enthusiast who loves to play on the go.

Where to Buy: Magnetic Travel Chess Set on Amazon or specialty game stores


6. Chess-Themed Novelty Items

Gift idea: Chess Piece-Shaped Candles

For a lighter touch, consider chess-themed novelty items like chess piece-shaped candles or decor. These add a fun and personal touch to the chess lover’s collection.

Where to Buy: Chess Piece-Shaped Candles on Etsy or novelty gift shops


7. Customized Chess Board

Gift idea: Personalized Engraved Chess Board

A personalized chess board, with an engraving of the recipient’s name or a special message, makes for a memorable and unique gift.

Where to Buy: Personalized Engraved Chess Board on Etsy or custom gift websites


8. Chess Puzzle Book

Gift idea: “The Chess Puzzles Manual”

A book full of chess puzzles is great for sharpening skills and is a fun challenge for any chess enthusiast.

Where to Buy: “The Chess Puzzles Manual” on Amazon or your local bookstore


9. Themed Chess Sets

Gift idea: Lord of the Rings Chess Set

For those who enjoy both chess and a particular theme (like movies, history, etc.), a themed chess set can be a delightful gift.

Where to Buy: Themed Chess Sets on Amazon or specialty collectible stores


10. Chess Club Membership

Gift idea: Local Chess Club Annual Membership

Lastly, gifting a membership to a local chess club can provide the recipient with a community of like-minded individuals and opportunities to play regularly.

Where to Buy: Inquire at local chess clubs or community centers


In conclusion, when selecting a gift for a chess enthusiast, consider their personal style, skill level, and how they enjoy the game. Whether it’s a classic wooden chess set, a book to sharpen their skills, or a unique themed set, there’s something out there for every chess lover. Each of these gifts not only celebrates their passion for chess but also adds value to their experience of the game. Happy gifting!

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