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Gift Ideas for Model Train Hobbyist

Update: November 18, 2023
Publish Date: November 13, 2023

Model train enthusiasts, often known as railfans or train hobbyists, have a unique passion for collecting, building, and operating model trains and railways. Finding the perfect gift for them can be both exciting and fulfilling. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that cater to different aspects of their hobby:


1. High-Quality Model Train Set

Gift Idea: Hornby Railways or Bachmann Trains Starter Set

These sets are ideal for both beginners and experienced hobbyists. They usually include a locomotive, a set of cars, track, and a controller. Hornby and Bachmann are renowned for their quality and detail.

Where to Buy: Hornby Railways or Bachmann Trains on their Official Websites or specialized hobby stores.


2. Model Train Scenery Kits

Gift Idea: Woodland Scenics Scenery Kit

Scenery kits allow hobbyists to create realistic landscapes for their model train setup. Woodland Scenics offers a wide range of trees, buildings, and landscape materials.

Where to Buy: Woodland Scenics products on Amazon or hobby stores.


3. Railroad History Books

Gift Idea: “The Great Railroad Revolution” by Christian Wolmar

A book about railroad history can provide valuable insights into the evolution of trains and railways, a topic most railfans adore.

Where to Buy: Available on Amazon or at local bookstores.


4. Model Train Magazine Subscriptions

Gift Idea: Subscription to “Model Railroader” or “Railway Modeller”

These magazines offer the latest news, tutorials, and inspiration for model train enthusiasts.

Where to Buy: Subscriptions available on their respective websites.


5. Digital Command Control (DCC) Systems

Gift Idea: NCE Power Cab DCC Starter Set

For the more technologically inclined hobbyist, a DCC system can add a new level of control and realism to their model railway.

Where to Buy: Available on hobbyist websites or specialized stores.


6. Model Train Storage and Display Cabinet

Gift Idea: Customizable Display Case

A beautiful way to display and protect their model train collection. Look for cases that offer adjustable shelves and glass doors.

Where to Buy: Furniture stores or custom cabinet makers.


7. Gift Card to a Model Train Store

Gift Idea: Gift Card from a Local or Online Model Train Retailer

This allows the hobbyist to choose exactly what they need or desire for their collection.

Where to Buy: Most hobby stores offer gift cards.


8. Model Train Workshop Tools

Gift Idea: Modeler’s Toolkit

Tools specifically designed for model train building and maintenance, like precision screwdrivers, pliers, and tweezers.

Where to Buy: Online hobby shops or Amazon.


9. Custom Model Train Car

Gift Idea: Personalized Model Train Car

A custom-painted or designed train car, possibly featuring a name, a special date, or a unique design.

Where to Buy: Look for custom model train artists or services online.


10. Tickets to a Train Show or Museum

Gift Idea: Tickets to a National or Local Train Show

An experience gift that any train enthusiast would enjoy, offering the chance to see rare models and meet other hobbyists.

Where to Buy: Check for upcoming events and purchase tickets online.


Imagine gifting one of these items. As the box is unwrapped, the recipient’s eyes light up with the unmistakable spark of a passion ignited, a testament to the thoughtfulness of your choice. Each of these gifts is not just an item but an avenue to countless hours of joy and a cherished addition to their beloved hobby.

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