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Gifts For Anthropologists

Update: December 8, 2023
Publish Date: December 7, 2023

Choosing gifts for anthropologists means considering items that resonate with their passion for culture, history, and human societies. Here’s a curated list of thoughtful and intriguing gift ideas perfect for those fascinated by anthropology:


1. Anthropology Books

Gift Idea: “Guns, Germs, and Steel” by Jared Diamond

Books on anthropology or related subjects can provide insightful and engaging reads.
Where to Buy: Available on Amazon or at major bookstores


2. Handcrafted Artifacts

Gift Idea: Authentic Tribal Art or Craft

Artifacts or crafts from different cultures can be both decorative and educational.
Where to Buy: Cultural artifacts on Etsy or specialty cultural stores


3. Fieldwork Gear

Gift Idea: Durable Field Notebook and Pen

Quality gear for fieldwork, like a weatherproof notebook, is practical for any anthropologist.
Where to Buy: Field notebooks on Amazon or outdoor supply stores


4. World Map or Globe

Gift Idea: Detailed World Map Wall Hanging

A world map or globe can be both a useful reference tool and a decorative item.
Where to Buy: World maps or globes at home decor stores or online retailers


5. Language Learning Software

Gift Idea: Subscription to Rosetta Stone or Duolingo

Software or apps for learning new languages can be invaluable for anthropologists.
Where to Find: Rosetta Stone or Duolingo subscriptions online


6. Ethnographic Documentary Films

Gift Idea: Collection of Award-Winning Documentaries

Documentaries on various cultures and societies can offer insightful visual experiences.
Where to Buy: Documentary DVDs on Amazon or digital platforms like Netflix


7. Museum Membership

Gift Idea: Annual Membership to a Local Museum

A museum membership provides unlimited access to exhibits that might interest an anthropologist.
Where to Buy: Check with local museums for membership options


8. Travel Journal

Gift Idea: Moleskine Travel Journal

A high-quality travel journal is perfect for documenting field trips and travels.
Where to Buy: Travel journals on Amazon or at stationery stores


9. Cultural Cooking Class

Gift Idea: Local or Online Cultural Cooking Course

Cooking classes focusing on different cuisines can be a fun way to explore cultures.
Where to Find: Check local cooking schools or online class platforms


10. Artifact Replicas

Gift Idea: Replica of a Famous Artifact or Fossil

Replicas of significant artifacts or fossils can serve as inspiring decor in their home or office.
Where to Buy: Artifact replicas on Etsy or museum gift shops


These gifts are thoughtfully chosen to cater to the intellectual and cultural interests of anthropologists. From practical tools for their fieldwork to items that celebrate and reflect the diversity of human cultures, these gifts are sure to be appreciated by anyone with a deep appreciation for anthropology.

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