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Gifts For Directors

Update: December 8, 2023
Publish Date: December 7, 2023

Selecting gifts for directors, whether they’re in the film, theatre, or corporate world, involves finding items that celebrate their leadership, creativity, and hard work. Directors often appreciate gifts that are both practical for their profession and reflective of their passion for directing. Here’s a curated list of gift ideas that are perfect for directors:


1. Professional Scriptwriting Software

Gift Idea: Final Draft Software

The industry standard for scriptwriting, Final Draft, offers features that help directors visualize and organize their projects.
Where to Buy: Final Draft Software on the Final Draft official website


2. High-Quality Director’s Chair

Gift Idea: Personalized Professional Director’s Chair

A durable and comfortable director’s chair, possibly personalized with their name, is both a practical and thoughtful gift.
Where to Buy: Personalized Director’s Chairs on specialized furniture websites


3. Inspirational Film Books

Gift Idea: “Making Movies” by Sidney Lumet

Books that delve into the art and craft of filmmaking can be both inspiring and informative for a director.
Where to Buy: “Making Movies” on Amazon or local bookstores


4. High-End Headphones

Gift Idea: Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones

Quality headphones are essential for directors for editing and on-set use, providing clear sound and noise cancellation.
Where to Buy: Bose Headphones on Amazon


5. Portable Espresso Maker

Gift Idea: Wacaco Minipresso GR

For directors who love coffee, a portable espresso maker can be a lifesaver during long shoots and meetings.
Where to Buy: Wacaco Minipresso on Amazon


6. Filmmaking Software Subscription

Gift Idea: Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

A subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud offers access to a suite of tools essential for video editing and production.
Where to Find: Adobe Creative Cloud on the Adobe website


7. Personalized Clapperboard

Gift Idea: Custom Engraved Clapperboard

A clapperboard customized with the director’s name or a special message adds a personal touch to a practical tool.
Where to Buy: Custom Clapperboards on filmmaking equipment websites


8. Comfortable Bluetooth Earbuds

Gift Idea: Apple AirPods Pro

For directors on the go, wireless earbuds offer convenience and quality sound for calls and listening to music or podcasts.
Where to Buy: Apple AirPods on Amazon


9. Leather Notebook

Gift Idea: Moleskine Classic Leather Notebook

A high-quality leather notebook is perfect for jotting down ideas, notes, or sketches.
Where to Buy: Moleskine Notebook on Amazon


10. Digital Film Magazine Subscription

Gift Idea: American Cinematographer Magazine Subscription

A subscription to a reputable film magazine keeps them updated on the latest industry trends and technologies.
Where to Find: American Cinematographer on the magazine’s official website


These gifts are thoughtfully selected to cater to the unique needs and interests of directors, enhancing their professional life and celebrating their passion for directing. From practical tools of the trade to items for relaxation and inspiration, these gifts will surely be appreciated by any director, fueling their creativity and dedication to their craft.

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