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Gifts for Economists

Update: December 6, 2023
Publish Date: December 6, 2023

Finding the perfect gift for an economist, whether a professional, academic, or student, can be a thoughtful way to acknowledge their interest in the field. Economists often appreciate gifts that resonate with their analytical mindset and professional interests. Here’s a list of gift ideas that are both intellectually stimulating and practical for economists.


1. Economics Literature

Gift Idea: Classic Economics Book Set

A collection of classic economics texts, such as works by Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, or Milton Friedman, can be both intellectually enriching and a great addition to their library.

Where to Buy: Major bookstores or online book retailers


2. Subscription to Economic Journals

Gift Idea: Annual Subscription to a Renowned Economics Journal

An annual subscription to a prestigious economics journal like ‘The Economist’ or ‘Journal of Economic Perspectives’ keeps them updated with the latest insights and developments in the field.

Where to Buy: Directly from the journal’s website


3. Economics Board Game

Gift Idea: ‘The Economic Board Game’

An economics-themed board game can be a fun and educational way to explore economic principles in a playful setting.

Where to Buy: Toy stores or online game retailers


4. Custom Graphical Charts Poster

Gift Idea: Personalized Economic Data Chart Poster

A custom poster featuring an interesting economic data chart or infographic can be both a unique decorative item and a conversation starter.

Where to Buy: Custom print shops online


5. Financial Planning Software

Gift Idea: Subscription to a Financial Planning Tool

Software that aids in financial planning or economic analysis can be a practical and highly appreciated gift for professionals in the field.

Where to Buy: Online software providers


6. Engraved Pen Set

Gift Idea: Luxury Engraved Pen Set

A high-quality pen set, engraved with their name or a relevant economic concept, can be a classy and useful gift for their professional life.

Where to Buy: Office supply or luxury gift stores


7. Economics-Themed Apparel

Gift Idea: Economics Quote T-Shirt

A T-shirt or other apparel items featuring famous economic quotes or concepts can be a quirky and enjoyable gift.

Where to Buy: Online stores specializing in custom apparel


8. Professional Conference Ticket

Gift Idea: Ticket to an Economics Conference

Sponsoring their attendance at a professional economics conference can be an invaluable gift, offering networking and learning opportunities.

Where to Buy: Directly from the conference organizer’s website


9. Decorative Office Items

Gift Idea: Elegant Desk Organizer with Economic Theme

A desk organizer or other office accessory with an economics theme can help keep their workspace both tidy and inspired.

Where to Buy: Office supply stores or online business gift retailers


10. Digital Tablet for Reading and Research

Gift Idea: Latest Model Digital Tablet

A digital tablet, which is convenient for reading economic research papers and staying updated with economic news, is a practical gift for any economist.

Where to Buy: Electronics stores or online tech retailers


Gifting an economist requires thoughtfulness and a nod to their intellectual pursuits. These ideas blend practicality with a love for economics, ensuring your gift is both appreciated and useful. Remember, the perfect gift for an economist is one that acknowledges and celebrates their passion for the field.

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