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Gifts for Empty Nesters

Update: December 5, 2023
Publish Date: December 5, 2023

Empty nesters, those who find themselves with an empty home after their children have grown up and moved out, often appreciate gifts that cater to their new phase of life. Here are ten thoughtful gift ideas for empty nesters.


1. Travel Voucher or Experience

Gift idea: Gift Card for a Travel Experience

A travel voucher or experience can be a wonderful gift for empty nesters looking to explore new places and create new memories.

Where to Buy: Gift cards for travel experiences can be purchased from travel agencies or websites like Airbnb.


2. Cooking Class for Two

Gift idea: Local Culinary Cooking Class

A cooking class can be a fun and interactive way for empty nesters to spend time together and learn new cooking skills.

Where to Buy: Check local culinary schools or community centers for cooking class gift vouchers.


3. Wine or Cheese Subscription Box

Gift idea: Monthly Wine or Cheese Subscription

A subscription box for gourmet wine or cheese can be a delightful monthly surprise, offering a taste of different flavors from around the world.

Where to Buy: Monthly subscriptions available on websites like or Murray’s Cheese.


4. Personalized Home Decor

Gift idea: Custom House Portrait or Sign

Personalized home decor, like a custom house portrait or a family name sign, can be a thoughtful way to celebrate their home.

Where to Buy: Custom house portraits and signs can be found on Etsy.


5. Gardening Kit

Gift idea: Deluxe Gardening Tool Set

A gardening kit can be a great gift for empty nesters who want to spend more time outdoors or take up a new hobby.

Where to Buy: Deluxe gardening tool sets are available on Amazon.


6. Digital Photo Frame

Gift idea: Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame, especially one that family members can remotely upload photos to, keeps empty nesters connected with their loved ones.

Where to Buy: Wi-Fi-enabled digital photo frames available on Amazon or at electronics stores.


7. Book Club Subscription

Gift idea: Literary Book Club Membership

A book club subscription can be a wonderful gift for empty nesters who enjoy reading and discussing literature.

Where to Buy: Memberships for book clubs can be found on websites like Book of the Month.


8. Wellness Retreat

Gift idea: Weekend Wellness Retreat Package

A weekend retreat focused on wellness or relaxation can be a rejuvenating experience for empty nesters.

Where to Buy: Look for wellness retreat packages on travel websites or local spa and resort sites.


9. Home Theater Upgrade

Gift idea: Streaming Device and Subscription

Upgrading their home entertainment system with a new streaming device and subscription can enhance their movie-watching experience.

Where to Buy: Streaming devices and subscriptions are available from companies like Roku, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.


10. Craft or Hobby Starter Kit

Gift idea: DIY Craft or Hobby Kit

A starter kit for a new craft or hobby can be an exciting gift for empty nesters looking to explore new interests.

Where to Buy: DIY craft or hobby kits can be found on Amazon or craft stores like Michaels.



These gift ideas for empty nesters are designed to cater to their newfound freedom and interests, whether it’s through travel, hobbies, home improvements, or personal enrichment. Each gift reflects a thoughtful consideration of their lifestyle, providing opportunities for enjoyment, relaxation, and creating new memories.

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