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Epic Gifts for Escape Room Lovers

Update: November 18, 2023
Publish Date: April 30, 2023

Hunting for that perfect gift to wow your escape room-obsessed pal? You’re in luck! We’ve assembled a treasure trove of three mind-bending, giggle-inducing, and camaraderie-building presents that’ll thrill any escape room enthusiast. Get set to become the ultimate gift-giving hero and delight the hearts of your fellow puzzle-loving comrades.


The Great Virtual Escapade: The Escape Game Remote Adventures

Remember when we were all trapped in our homes during the lockdown, craving human connection and a bit of mystery-solving fun?

The Escape Game heard our pleas and created Remote Adventures, an ingenious virtual escape room experience for families, friends, and work teams.

Now, you can play their real in-store escape rooms LIVE online with your buddies from any corner of the world using the magic of ZOOM.

With 7 unique escape room themes, it’s the perfect gift for a long-distance game night, virtual team building, or a cheeky socially-distanced date night.

Say goodbye to boredom and hello to endless adventures!

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Howling Good Times: Mattel Games Escape Room in a Box Game – The Werewolf Experiment

Ever wondered what it’s like to race against the clock to avoid becoming a werewolf?

Well, now’s your chance! In this thrilling cooperation game, you and your teammates have just one hour to solve 19 mind-bending puzzles before a mad scientist turns you into werewolves.

To amp up the excitement, players can connect to Amazon Alexa for an even more immersive experience. With 19 puzzles and three locks, this Escape Room in a Box game will have everyone howling with laughter and suspense!


Portal & Portal 2 Game on Steam

Get ready to dive into a world of award-winning gameplay, story, and music with the Portal and Portal 2 games on Steam.

These critically-acclaimed games will introduce your escape room lover to a dynamic cast of new characters, fresh puzzle elements, and a labyrinth of devious test chambers.

They’ll even be reunited with GLaDOS, the occasionally murderous computer companion from the original game.

The cherry on top?

Portal 2’s two-player cooperative mode features a unique campaign, story, and test chambers, challenging players to think and act cooperatively.

It’s the perfect gift for a brain-teasing, friendship-strengthening, and downright fun experience!


With these three exceptional gifts, you’ll become the ultimate gift giver for your escape room-loving friends and family.

So go ahead, unleash the power of virtual adventures, werewolf experiments, and interdimensional portals, and watch their faces light up with excitement and gratitude!

Happy gift hunting!

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