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Gifts for Exchange Students

Update: December 8, 2023
Publish Date: December 7, 2023

Exchange students embarking on an educational and cultural journey abroad often appreciate gifts that are thoughtful, practical, and meaningful. Whether they’re leaving home for a semester or arriving from another country, these gift ideas are designed to make their experience more comfortable, memorable, and enjoyable.


1. Travel Journal

Gift Idea: Customizable Leather-Bound Travel Journal

A travel journal is perfect for documenting new experiences, thoughts, and memories made during their exchange program.

Where to Buy: Stationery stores or online custom gift shops


2. Portable Charger

Gift Idea: High-Capacity Portable Power Bank

A portable charger ensures that their devices stay charged on the go, which is essential for navigating new places and staying in touch with family and friends.

Where to Buy: Electronics stores or online tech retailers


3. Cultural Guidebook

Gift Idea: Comprehensive Cultural Guidebook of the Host Country

A guidebook about the host country’s culture, customs, and language can help exchange students acclimate more quickly and enrich their understanding of the new environment.

Where to Buy: Bookstores or online book retailers


4. International Adapter

Gift Idea: Universal Travel Adapter with USB Ports

An international travel adapter is crucial for students going abroad, ensuring they can use and charge their electronic devices regardless of the plug type.

Where to Buy: Travel goods stores or online travel accessory shops


5. Comfort Items from Home

Gift Idea: Care Package Filled with Favorite Snacks and Comforts from Home

A care package with their favorite snacks, photos, or small reminders of home can provide comfort and ease homesickness.

Where to Buy: Compile items personally or order pre-made care packages online


6. Language Learning Subscription

Gift Idea: Subscription to a Language Learning App

A subscription to a language learning app can be extremely useful for students going to a country where a different language is spoken.

Where to Buy: Directly from the app provider’s website


7. Compact Travel Backpack

Gift Idea: Durable, Lightweight Travel Backpack

A high-quality travel backpack that’s comfortable for day trips and exploring is essential for students who will be traveling frequently.

Where to Buy: Outdoor equipment stores or online retailers


8. Local Experience Voucher

Gift Idea: Voucher for a Local Attraction or Experience in the Host Country

A voucher for a local attraction, tour, or cultural experience can encourage them to explore and enjoy their host country.

Where to Buy: Travel websites or directly from local tour operators


9. International SIM Card

Gift Idea: Prepaid International SIM Card

An international SIM card provides a convenient way for them to have immediate mobile service upon arrival, making communication easier.

Where to Buy: Mobile carrier stores or online


10. Personal Safety Device

Gift Idea: Compact Personal Safety Alarm or Tracker

A personal safety device, like a safety alarm or GPS tracker, can offer peace of mind to both the student and their family.

Where to Buy: Safety equipment stores or online retailers


Sending Off with Thoughtful Care

These gift ideas are carefully chosen to support and enhance the experience of an exchange student, whether they’re preparing for their journey or settling into a new country. The best gifts are those that combine practicality with a touch of personal sentiment, helping to ease their transition and making their time abroad more memorable and comfortable. Remember, a thoughtful gift can make a significant difference in their adventure of a lifetime.

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