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Gifts For Fantasy Lovers

Update: December 18, 2023
Publish Date: December 17, 2023

For those who revel in the realm of fantasy, gifts that capture the magic and wonder of their favorite mythical worlds can be both exciting and deeply meaningful. Here’s a curated list of thoughtful gift ideas perfect for fantasy lovers:


1. Collectible Fantasy Figurines

Gift Idea: Hand-Painted Dragon or Elf Figurines

Intricately crafted figures from their favorite fantasy realms can be a cherished collectible.
Where to Buy: Specialty stores like ThinkGeek or online retailers like Etsy


2. Fantasy Literature Classics

Gift Idea: Deluxe Editions of “The Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter” Series

Beautifully bound editions of classic fantasy novels are both a treasure to read and display.
Where to Buy: Major bookstores or online book retailers like Amazon


3. Fantasy Map Wall Art

Gift Idea: Framed Maps of Middle Earth or Westeros

Decorative maps of fictional lands can add a touch of magic to their living space.
Where to Buy:, Etsy, or other online art retailers


4. Role-Playing Game (RPG) Sets

Gift Idea: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

RPG sets offer a gateway into creating their own fantasy adventures with friends.
Where to Buy: Gaming stores or online retailers like Amazon


5. Fantasy-Themed Jewelry

Gift Idea: Elven Necklace or Wizard-Inspired Rings

Jewelry inspired by fantasy themes can be both a fashion statement and a nod to their favorite genre.
Where to Buy: Handcrafted pieces on Etsy or specialty jewelry stores


6. Fantasy Film or Series Box Set

Gift Idea: “Game of Thrones” or “The Chronicles of Narnia” Box Set

DVDs or Blu-rays of beloved fantasy series or movies for their home collection.
Where to Buy: Movie retailers, Amazon, or electronic stores


7. Mystical Creature Plush Toys

Gift Idea: Unicorn or Griffin Stuffed Animals

Plush toys of mythical creatures can be a whimsical and adorable gift.
Where to Buy: Toy stores or online on sites like Amazon


8. Fantasy Board Games

Gift Idea: “Gloomhaven” or “Talisman: The Magical Quest Game”

Board games set in fantastical worlds offer hours of immersive entertainment.
Where to Buy: Board game shops or online gaming stores


9. Custom Fantasy Illustration

Gift Idea: Commissioned Artwork of Their Fantasy Character or Scene

A personalized illustration of a favorite character or fantasy scene can be a unique and meaningful gift.
Where to Find: Commission artists on platforms like Etsy or DeviantArt


10. Fantasy Convention Tickets

Gift Idea: Tickets to a Fantasy-Themed Convention or Fair

Experience the excitement and community of a fantasy convention, such as Comic-Con or a Renaissance Faire.
Where to Find: Check the official websites of specific conventions or fairs for tickets


These gifts cater to the diverse interests of fantasy lovers, from tangible items that bring their favorite stories to life to experiences that immerse them in the magical worlds they adore. Whether for display, wear, play, or read, these gifts are sure to enchant and delight any fantasy enthusiast.

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