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Gifts for Ice Skating Lovers: Equipment and Apparel

Update: November 18, 2023
Publish Date: November 14, 2023

Ice skating enthusiasts, whether beginners or experienced, share a passion for the grace and excitement of gliding on ice. Finding the perfect gift for them can be as delightful as a flawless pirouette. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that cater to their love for ice skating, ensuring they have the best equipment and apparel to enjoy their time on the ice.


1. High-Quality Ice Skates

Gift Idea: Jackson Ultima Excel

Top-tier ice skates like the Jackson Ultima Excel offer excellent support and comfort. They are perfect for those who are starting their ice skating journey or looking to upgrade their current pair.

Where to Buy: Jackson Ultima Excel on Amazon


2. Skate Guards

Gift Idea: Guardog Deluxe Skate Guards

Skate guards are essential for protecting ice skate blades. The Guardog Deluxe Skate Guards are durable and come in various colors, adding a personal touch to the skater’s gear.

Where to Buy: Guardog Deluxe Skate Guards on Amazon


3. Skating Apparel

Gift Idea: ChloeNoel Figure Skating Dress

A stylish and comfortable skating dress like those from ChloeNoel can make a skater feel confident and elegant on the ice. These dresses come in various designs, suitable for practice sessions or competitions.

Where to Buy: ChloeNoel Figure Skating Dresses on ChloeNoel’s Official Website


4. Skating Tights

Gift Idea: Mondor Performance Skating Tights

Durable and warm, the Mondor Performance Skating Tights are perfect for practice sessions. They provide the necessary flexibility and warmth, making them a staple in any skater’s wardrobe.

Where to Buy: Mondor Performance Skating Tights on Mondor’s Official Website


5. Blade Sharpener

Gift Idea: ProSharp Home Skate Sharpener

For the enthusiast who prefers maintaining their own equipment, a blade sharpener like the ProSharp Home Skate Sharpener is a great gift. It ensures that the skates are always in top condition.

Where to Buy: ProSharp Home Skate Sharpener on ProSharp’s Official Website


6. Ice Skating Bag

Gift Idea: Zuca Sport Bag

A Zuca Sport Bag is not just a bag; it’s a portable locker for ice skating gear. Durable, with multiple compartments, it’s perfect for keeping everything organized.

Where to Buy: Zuca Sport Bag on Zuca’s Official Website


7. Skating Gloves

Gift Idea: Jerry’s Skating World Gloves

Jerry’s Skating World Gloves are designed to keep hands warm without sacrificing mobility. They’re a small but significant accessory for any skater.

Where to Buy: Jerry’s Skating World Gloves on Amazon


8. Skating Jewelry

Gift Idea: Ice Skate Pendant Necklace

A charming ice skate pendant necklace can be a delightful and personal gift, symbolizing the recipient’s passion for skating.

Where to Buy: Ice Skate Pendant Necklace on Etsy


9. Off-Ice Training Equipment

Gift Idea: Balance Board Trainer

Off-ice training is crucial for skaters. A balance board trainer helps in improving core strength and balance, essential skills for ice skating.

Where to Buy: Balance Board Trainer on Amazon


10. Inspirational Skating Books

Gift Idea: “The Great Book of Ice Skating”

For the skater who loves to delve into the history and art of their sport, “The Great Book of Ice Skating” can be an inspiring read.

Where to Buy: “The Great Book of Ice Skating” on Amazon



Each of these gifts is carefully chosen to enhance the ice skating experience, from the practicality of high-quality equipment to the charm of personalized apparel and accessories. Whether for a special occasion or just to show appreciation, these gift ideas are sure to delight any ice skating enthusiast, helping them glide through their passion with grace and joy. Remember, the best gift is not just what’s wrapped in a box but the thought and understanding of their passion that comes with it.

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