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Gifts For Pun Lovers

Update: December 18, 2023
Publish Date: December 17, 2023

Gifts for pun lovers should tickle their funny bone and celebrate their love for wordplay. Here’s a selection of witty and humorous gift ideas that are sure to delight anyone who appreciates a good pun:


1. Pun-Filled Book

Gift Idea: “The Pun Also Rises” by John Pollack

This book is an entertaining exploration of puns and their place in language and humor.
Where to Buy: Available on Amazon and major bookstores


2. Punny T-Shirts

Gift Idea: Graphic Tees with Pun Phrases

A T-shirt featuring a clever pun or witty phrase is both fun and fashionable.
Where to Buy: Check out stores like Threadless or Redbubble for a variety of designs


3. Wordplay Board Games

Gift Idea: “Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers”

A pun-based card game is perfect for game nights full of laughter and groans.
Where to Buy: Available on Amazon or at specialty game stores


4. Pun Coffee Mugs

Gift Idea: Mugs with Pun Sayings

A coffee mug with a punny saying starts the day off with a smile and a chuckle.
Where to Buy: Etsy or Amazon for a wide range of options


5. Pun-Filled Calendar

Gift Idea: “Pun of the Day” Desk Calendar

A daily calendar with a new pun for each day keeps the laughs coming all year long.
Where to Buy: Check out office supply stores or online retailers like Amazon


6. Humorous Cookbooks

Gift Idea: “Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook” by F.L. Fowler

A cookbook filled with recipes and puns is a delightful combination for those who love food and humor.
Where to Buy: Available on Amazon and in major bookstores


7. Punny Art Prints

Gift Idea: Framed Art Prints with Pun Illustrations

Art prints featuring puns can add a humorous touch to any room.
Where to Buy: Etsy or Society6 for a range of creative options


8. Novelty Socks with Puns

Gift Idea: Punny Socks

Socks with funny sayings or images are a cozy and amusing gift.
Where to Buy: Look for them on Amazon or novelty stores


9. Pun-Intended Planters

Gift Idea: Plant Pots with Puns

Plant pots with puns are a great gift for gardening enthusiasts who enjoy a good laugh.
Where to Buy: Check out Etsy for handmade options


10. Punny Kitchen Gadgets

Gift Idea: Kitchen Tools with Pun Sayings

Kitchen gadgets featuring puns can make cooking a more whimsical experience.
Where to Buy: Look for them on kitchenware sites or stores like Bed Bath & Beyond


These gift ideas are perfect for those who relish clever wordplay and enjoy humor in their daily lives. From wearable puns to playful household items, these gifts are sure to bring joy and a few eye-rolls to any pun lover.

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