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Gifts for the Modern Artist

Update: November 18, 2023
Publish Date: November 13, 2023

Artists, known for their creativity and unique perspective, appreciate gifts that resonate with their artistic passions. Whether they’re professional artists, hobbyists, or just starting out, finding the perfect gift can help them explore new dimensions in their work. Here’s a curated list of thoughtful and inspiring gift ideas for the modern artist in your life.


1. Professional Grade Paint Set

Gift idea: Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Set

Artists often seek the best quality materials for their work. The Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Set offers a range of vibrant colors, excellent transparency, and strong tinting strength.

Where to Buy: Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Set on Winsor & Newton’s Official Website


2. High-Quality Sketchbook

Gift idea: Moleskine Art Sketchbook

A premium sketchbook like Moleskine’s Art Sketchbook is perfect for artists who sketch regularly. Its high-quality paper is suitable for various drawing tools, making it a versatile choice.

Where to Buy: Moleskine Art Sketchbook on Moleskine’s Official Website


3. Digital Drawing Tablet

Gift idea: Wacom Intuos Pro

For the digital artist, a Wacom Intuos Pro provides a natural drawing experience with pressure-sensitive pen input. It’s ideal for those who combine traditional and digital techniques.

Where to Buy: Wacom Intuos Pro on Wacom’s Official Website


4. Quality Brush Set

Gift idea: Da Vinci Maestro Series

Every artist appreciates a set of high-quality brushes. The Da Vinci Maestro Series offers exceptional craftsmanship, perfect for both beginners and experienced artists.

Where to Buy: Da Vinci Maestro Series on Da Vinci’s Official Website


5. Portable Easel

Gift idea: French Box Easel

A portable easel like the French Box Easel is excellent for artists who love to paint en plein air. It combines functionality with the ease of transport.

Where to Buy: French Box Easel on major art supply websites


6. Art Classes or Workshops

Gift idea: Local Art School or Online Platforms

Gift the experience of learning with art classes or workshops. Whether it’s an online course or a local art school, it can provide new skills and inspiration.

Where to Buy: Check local art schools or online educational platforms


7. Art Supplies Subscription Box

Gift idea: ScrawlrBox or SketchBox

Subscription boxes like ScrawlrBox or SketchBox offer a monthly delivery of art supplies, a great way to discover new products and spark creativity.

Where to Buy: ScrawlrBox or SketchBox on their official websites


8. Customized Palette

Gift idea: Handmade Ceramic Palette

A personalized, handmade ceramic palette not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a touch of uniqueness to the artist’s toolkit.

Where to Buy: Look for artisanal pottery shops or online handmade goods marketplaces


9. Inspirational Art Books

Gift idea: “The Art Book” by Phaidon

Books like “The Art Book” by Phaidon provide a comprehensive overview of different art styles and artists, serving as both inspiration and education.

Where to Buy: “The Art Book” on major bookseller websites


10. Studio Lighting

Gift idea: Daylight Artist Studio Lamp

Proper lighting is essential for any artist. A studio lamp like the Daylight Artist Studio Lamp provides balanced, natural light, ideal for working in any condition.

Where to Buy: Daylight Artist Studio Lamp on specialty art supply websites


Conclusion: A Canvas of Creativity

The perfect gift for an artist isn’t just about the item itself, but the potential it brings to their artistic journey. Each of these suggestions offers a way to enhance their creative process, explore new mediums, or simply enjoy the art of creation more fully. Remember, the best gifts are those that show understanding and appreciation of the artist’s passion and dedication. With any of these choices, you’re sure to bring a touch of inspiration and joy to the artist in your life.

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