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Gifts for Wedding Officiants

Update: December 5, 2023
Publish Date: December 5, 2023

Wedding officiants play a crucial role in the most special day of a couple’s life. Choosing a thoughtful gift for them can be a wonderful way to express gratitude. Here are ten gift ideas that wedding officiants would appreciate.


1. Personalized Thank You Plaque

Gift idea: Custom Engraved Appreciation Plaque

A custom engraved plaque expressing thanks can be a beautiful keepsake for a wedding officiant, reminding them of the special role they played.

Where to Buy: Custom Engraved Appreciation Plaque on Etsy


2. Elegant Pen Set

Gift idea: Luxury Fountain Pen

An elegant fountain pen set is not only a practical gift for signing marriage certificates but also a symbol of the importance of their work.

Where to Buy: Luxury Fountain Pen on Amazon


3. Gift Card to a Fine Dining Restaurant

Gift idea: High-End Restaurant Gift Card

A gift card to a fine dining restaurant is a tasteful way to offer them a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Where to Buy: Check local high-end restaurants for gift card options.


4. Commemorative Book

Gift idea: “The Art of the Wedding Ceremony” by Ellen Berman

A book about the art and significance of wedding ceremonies can be both inspiring and informative for an officiant.

Where to Buy: “The Art of the Wedding Ceremony” on Amazon


5. Customized Stationery

Gift idea: Personalized Note Cards and Envelopes

Personalized stationery with their name or a special message can be a lovely and practical gift for any officiant.

Where to Buy: Personalized Note Cards and Envelopes on Etsy


6. Relaxation Gift Basket

Gift idea: Spa-Themed Gift Basket

A spa-themed gift basket with items for relaxation can be a thoughtful gesture to help them unwind after the wedding day.

Where to Buy: Spa-Themed Gift Basket on Amazon


7. Specialty Coffee or Tea Collection

Gift idea: Gourmet Coffee or Tea Set

A collection of gourmet coffee or fine teas is a wonderful gift for officiants who appreciate a good cup during their reflective moments.

Where to Buy: Gourmet Coffee or Tea Set on Amazon


8. A Donation in Their Name

Gift idea: Donation to a Charity They Support

Making a donation to a charity they support can be a meaningful and heartfelt way to honor their service.

Where to Buy: Choose a charity and make a donation in their name online.


9. Handcrafted Journal

Gift idea: Leather-Bound Journal

A handcrafted, leather-bound journal is perfect for an officiant who appreciates the art of writing, whether for sermons or personal reflections.

Where to Buy: Leather-Bound Journal on Etsy


10. Engraved Pocket Watch

Gift idea: Personalized Pocket Watch

A personalized pocket watch is a timeless and elegant gift that a wedding officiant can use and cherish for years.

Where to Buy: Personalized Pocket Watch on Etsy



These gift ideas for wedding officiants are selected to reflect the gratitude and respect for the significant role they play in a couple’s special day. Each gift is a thoughtful gesture that can convey appreciation and acknowledgment of their meaningful contribution.

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