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International Snack Box Subscription Gift Ideas

Update: November 18, 2023
Publish Date: November 13, 2023

International snack box subscriptions are a delightful and exciting gift idea, especially for those who enjoy exploring flavors from around the world. These subscriptions offer a unique way to experience a variety of snacks from different countries, making them a perfect present for foodies, travelers, or anyone with a curious palate. Let’s dive into some top recommendations for international snack box subscriptions:

1. Universal Yums

Universal Yums delivers a monthly box of snacks and candies from a different country each month. Each box is themed around a specific country and includes a mix of sweet and savory snacks, along with a booklet that offers trivia and information about the featured country.

Where to Buy: Available on the Universal Yums official website.


2. Try The World

This subscription service focuses on gourmet and artisanal snacks and ingredients from around the world. Each box contains a selection of snacks, condiments, and beverages, offering a more upscale snacking experience.

Where to Buy: Find it on the Try The World official website.


3. SnackCrate

SnackCrate features snacks from a new country each month. What sets it apart is the option to choose between different box sizes, making it customizable based on budget and appetite.

Where to Buy: Available on the SnackCrate official website.


4. Bokksu

Specializing in Japanese snacks, Bokksu offers a curated selection of premium Japanese treats, ranging from savory to sweet, including rare and unique products. Each box also includes a cultural guide that explains the story and origins of each item.

Where to Buy: Check out Bokksu on their official website.


5. MunchPak

MunchPak offers a mix of well-known and new snacks from around the globe. You can customize the box based on snack preferences and choose from different box sizes.

Where to Buy: Purchase it on the MunchPak official website.


6. World Box

World Box provides an assortment of snacks from different countries in each box, making it perfect for those who enjoy a surprise mix of global flavors.

Where to Buy: Look for it on various online retail platforms.


7. Yummy Bazaar’s World Sampler

This box focuses on delivering a selection of gourmet and artisanal snacks from a variety of countries, offering a more refined snacking experience.

Where to Buy: Available on the Yummy Bazaar website.


8. KetoKrate for Low-Carb Lovers

Ideal for those following a keto diet, KetoKrate offers low-carb, keto-friendly snacks from around the world.

Where to Buy: Find it on the KetoKrate official website.


9. Vegancuts for Vegan Options

This box is perfect for those looking for vegan snack options. Vegancuts sources plant-based snacks from around the world, catering to specific dietary preferences.

Where to Buy: Available on the Vegancuts website.


10. The British Bash

For lovers of British snacks, this box brings a taste of the UK with a variety of classic British snacks and treats.

Where to Buy: Check out UK-themed online retail stores.



The beauty of international snack box subscriptions lies in their ability to bring a taste of the world to your doorstep. They make a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone who loves to explore different cultures and flavors. Whether it’s a monthly surprise of gourmet treats or a deep dive into a specific country’s snack culture, these subscriptions offer a joyful and delicious way to explore the world.

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