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Puzzle Gifts for Family

Update: December 2, 2023
Publish Date: January 5, 2023

Puzzles are great gifts for the whole family because they provide a fun and enjoyable activity in which everyone can participate. It’s a great way to bond and spend quality time with loved ones. If you’re looking for more unique and engaging gift ideas, consider trying the “That’s Interesting” app for a wide range of suggestions tailored to your preferences.


Escape room in a box: The Werewolf Experiment

Ready to get your Sherlock on? 

It is an exciting board game that offers an immersive experience for players.


In this game, you and your friends(or family) are challenged to find clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes within an hour to escape a mad scientist who is plotting to turn you all into werewolves.


To escape, you’ll have to work as a team and solve 19 mental and physical puzzles.


Players can even connect to Amazon Alexa to enhance gameplay for added help.


The pressure is on, with only an hour to escape and 19 puzzles to solve! 


Can you and your team outwit the mad scientist and escape with your humanness intact? Find out with Escape Room In A Box The Werewolf Experiment.

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Stellar Factory Pizza Puzzles: Meat Lover’s – A Challenging & Cooperative 550-piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Pizza and puzzles, a match made in heaven! This 550-piece jigsaw puzzle is more than just a brain teaser. It’s a party in a box. With multiple play modes, high-quality materials, and a fun pizza theme, this puzzle is a must-have for any family game night.


With multiple play modes, including a cooperative challenge, a pizza party mode, and even an eating contest mode, there’s something for everyone. 


This 550-piece puzzle is made from the highest quality 2mm blue-core material and comes with a large poster and tips to help you along the way. 


Once assembled, the puzzle measures 20 inches in diameter, making it a perfect size for display. With its fun pizza theme and countless toppings to discover, the whole family will have a blast piecing it together. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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Big Potato Don’t Get Got (2021 Edition)

The ultimate family game for families and adults alike. With six secret missions to complete, players must use their creativity and cunning to trick their opponents without getting caught.


The game can be played anytime, anywhere, while doing anything, making it perfect for any occasion.


The first player to complete three missions wins, but be warned, the game ends once someone achieves this, so you’ll have to stay on your toes at all times.


This game is easy to learn and quick to play, making it perfect for groups of 2-8 players. Gift laughter and strategy with Big Potato Don’t Get Got (2021 Edition).

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The “48 Pack Blank Puzzles to Draw On”

Get creative with this set of customizable blank jigsaw puzzle pieces. 

Perfect for art projects, special occasions, or just a fun activity with family, these blank puzzles offer endless possibilities for painting, gluing, coloring, and more. 


And with 48 puzzles in the set, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.


Each puzzle piece measures 6 x 8 inches, and the set has 48 puzzles, so there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just looking for a fun activity with loved ones, these blank puzzle pieces will surely be a hit.

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So why wait? Start bonding and solving with your loved ones today with these top puzzle gift ideas. Happy gifting!


If you are looking for puzzle ideas for the puzzle lover individual, check out this guide for choosing a gift for a puzzle lover.

If you haven’t found the perfect gift idea yet, don’t worry! download our app That’s Interesting to get more gifting ideas.

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