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Robotics Kit Gift Ideas for Tech Savvy Kids and Adults

Update: November 18, 2023
Publish Date: November 13, 2023

Finding the perfect gift can be exciting and impactful for tech-savvy kids and adults with a passion for robotics. Here’s a curated list of robotics kit gift ideas catering to varying expertise and interests, ensuring a thoughtful and engaging present.


1. Beginner Robotics Kits

Gift idea: LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Kit

This kit is ideal for beginners and offers an interactive introduction to robotics. It combines the creativity of LEGO with basic programming skills, making it perfect for kids and robotics novices.

Where to Buy: LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Kit on LEGO’s Official Website


2. Intermediate Robotics Kits

Gift idea: Makeblock mBot Robot Kit

Suitable for those with some experience, this kit provides more advanced programming options and customization. It’s engaging for both kids and adults looking to expand their robotics skills.

Where to Buy: Makeblock mBot Robot Kit on Amazon


3. Advanced Robotics Kits

Gift idea: Raspberry Pi Robot Kit

For those who are more advanced in robotics and programming, a Raspberry Pi-based robot kit offers a deeper dive into robotics engineering and coding.

Where to Buy: Raspberry Pi Robot Kit on Raspberry Pi’s Official Website


4. Educational Robotics Kits

Gift idea: VEX Robotics Kit

VEX kits are great for learning and competitive robotics. These kits offer an educational and fun hands-on experience, suitable for school-aged children and adults.

Where to Buy: VEX Robotics Kit on VEX Robotics’ Official Website


5. DIY Robotics Kits

Gift idea: Arduino Starter Kit

For the DIY enthusiast, an Arduino starter kit is perfect. It allows for building and programming robots from scratch, offering immense learning and customization opportunities.

Where to Buy: Arduino Starter Kit on Arduino’s Official Website


6. Programmable Drones

Gift idea: DJI RoboMaster EP Core

A programmable drone combines the thrill of flying with robotics and programming. It’s a unique and exciting gift for those interested in aerial robotics.

Where to Buy: DJI RoboMaster EP Core on DJI’s Official Website


7. Creative Robotics Kits

Gift idea: Sphero BOLT

Sphero BOLT is an app-enabled robotic ball that provides endless opportunities to be creative with coding and robotics. It’s perfect for playful learning and experimentation.

Where to Buy: Sphero BOLT on Sphero’s Official Website


8. AI-Enhanced Robotics Kits

Gift idea: Cozmo by Anki

Cozmo is a small robot with a big personality, powered by AI. It’s great for kids and adults interested in AI and robotics interaction.

Where to Buy: Cozmo by Anki on Amazon



Selecting the right robotics kit depends on the recipient’s skill level, interests, and the educational value you want the gift to provide. From beginner-friendly LEGO kits to more complex Raspberry Pi and Arduino sets, there’s a wide range of options to inspire and engage tech enthusiasts of all ages. These kits offer a unique combination of learning, fun, and practical skill development, making them perfect gifts for budding roboticists and tech-savvy individuals.


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