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Gifts For Lacrosse Players

Update: December 18, 2023
Publish Date: December 18, 2023

When selecting gifts for lacrosse players, it’s beneficial to consider items that enhance their game, show appreciation for their passion for the sport, or help them relax and recover after intense matches. Here’s a curated list of thoughtful gift ideas perfect for lacrosse players:


1. High-Quality Lacrosse Stick

Gift Idea: STX Surgeon 700 Lacrosse Stick

A top-tier lacrosse stick can significantly improve their game and is a prized possession for any player.
Where to Buy: Sporting Goods Stores or Online Retailers like Amazon


2. Personalized Lacrosse Balls

Gift Idea: Custom Engraved Lacrosse Balls

Personalized lacrosse balls, whether for play or as a keepsake, can be a unique and special gift.
Where to Buy: Specialty Sports Shops or Online Customization Sites


3. Lacrosse Rebounder

Gift Idea: EZ Goal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder

A rebounder is great for practicing passing and catching at home.
Where to Buy: Sports Equipment Stores or Online


4. Sports Massage Gift Certificate

Gift Idea: Voucher for a Sports Massage Session

A massage session can help in recovery and relaxation after intense training or games.
Where to Buy: Local Massage Therapy Centers or Wellness Spas


5. Lacrosse Training Aids

Gift Idea: SKLZ Reaction Ball Agility Trainer

Training aids like agility balls can help improve their reaction time and coordination.
Where to Buy: Fitness Stores or Online Retailers


6. Custom Lacrosse Apparel

Gift Idea: Customized Lacrosse Jersey or Hoodie

Personalized apparel, such as a jersey with their name, can be both practical and a source of pride.
Where to Buy: Custom Sportswear Websites or Local Printing Shops


7. Hydration Backpack

Gift Idea: CamelBak Hydration Pack

A hydration pack is perfect for staying hydrated during tournaments or long practice sessions.
Where to Buy: Outdoor Gear Stores or Online


8. Sports Nutrition Supplements

Gift Idea: Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Supplements

Quality sports nutrition supplements can aid in their performance and recovery.
Where to Buy: Health Stores or Online Supplement Retailers


9. Lacrosse Strategy Book

Gift Idea: ‘Lacrosse For Dummies’ or Advanced Strategy Guides

Books on lacrosse strategies or skills development can be both informative and inspiring.
Where to Buy: Bookstores or Online Retailers


10. Lacrosse Wall Art

Gift Idea: Lacrosse Themed Canvas Print or Poster

Artwork or posters featuring lacrosse can be a great addition to their room or training space.
Where to Buy: Art Stores or Online Marketplaces like Etsy


These gift ideas cater to the diverse interests of lacrosse players, from enhancing their skills and performance to celebrating their love for the sport. Whether they’re beginners or seasoned players, these gifts are sure to be appreciated and put to good use.

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